6 Tips To Come Up With Interesting Content

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Published: 16th July 2012
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Search engine optimization experts and webmasters know that content is king. Itís the content that will make your siteís visitors visit and then remain browsing in your site as well as regularly return to your site, provided that your content is relevant, interesting and very useful to them.

However, website contents are very different from those in paper print or paper publications. As website readers usually tend to scan and skim, digesting smaller amounts of information in less time when compared to reading from paper, so website content needs to be very well organized; concise, brief and clear; well-formatted, and appealing.

In addition, website contents need to be search engine optimized, utilizing proper use of search engine keywords, a powerful Call To Action (CTA), and optimizing other SEO factors if you want to be seen and highly ranked in SERPs (as this were more than 90% of internet, both PC and mobile, go to search for things).

So, here are some useful tips to consider for interesting content, attracting more readers to your site:

1. Attractive Title

Your title is the first thing that is seen and will catch attention, making readers be interested and stop to actually read your content. Searcherís or visitorís attention and interest needs to be captured by the title, if you want them to spare you a single second to read your post excerpt. You need your title to be click-worthy and attractive to readers, bringing in the most traffic to your website.

2. Capturing Excerpt

The excerpt of a post is almost as important as its title. Most of the times, the excerpt is the only thing that searchers have time to read aside from the title. If your contentís excerpt doesnít answer or provide the needed info that the searcher is looking for, then they wouldnít click and read your content. So, make sure to write an excerpt that will hook your readers to your content. Donít let your theme automatically generate an excerpt for you.

3. Use Powerful Headlines

This will attract and entice readers to actually read your content. Headings and subheadings will not only make your contents be properly structured and organized but also these will make the text more scannable, NOT overwhelming the reader with your page full of words but rather making it easier for readers to find the information that is most pertinent and useful to them.

4. Write Relevant Content

Web users use the internet because they want information, either for fun, entertainment, games, shopping and others, and throw in the fact that search engines now focus on providing a great user experience, highly ranking those high-quality relevant contents, therefore, make sure that your content relate to your site or page topic.

5. Use Lists

Also bullets, these lists and bullets will not only make it easy to scan and navigate around a page, it will also make it easier for readers to quickly find the most important information. Lists also make it easier to digest a sizeable chunk of information, offering it in bite sized digestible chunks.

6. Don't be Repetitive

This will make your content boring and irritating to read. Repeat the same words over and over again or rephrasing the same sentence throughout your article will give a sense of repetitiveness to the reader, making them feel annoyed on reading the same words or sentence as if they donít understand what your trying to say or you, yourself, donít know what you want to express or doesnít have anything more to say.

However, make sure that you donít go overboard with non-repetitiveness as this can negatively affect your on-page optimization of your content. You can use your main keywords once or twice in your content as this is good for SEO.

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